Married Life Confessions

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God has created women for the satisfaction of men. there are legal ways to satisfy himself through the moral ways just like in Islam. Marriage is the proper way to be the formation of his family. The marriage system is the very reliable source of the society‚Äôs formation. Marriage means now you both the beginner of the relation have some obligation and responsibilities although they are not written in any country constitution .but as the concern for Pakistan or Islamic country rules are already have been defining by our Prophet.Islam is a complete code of life either you are single or married. Some issue which is written in these pictures is very common on both sides. People who opened their secrets to other as fun or a joke it has very bad impact on his family point of view .confession is a good thing but they have some limits and have some boundaries to tell others about the issues. Some criteria must define for doing confession in your life otherwise you may lose your respect as well as your identity. It’s just not your personal matter but also related to your partner whom you are involving in his confessions.As I said confession is good things only one condition when you have a certain limit or predefined confession such that if you did a wrong then you will confess only in front of his wife, mother, or father they are the very close and trustworthy relations. No doubt after confectioning some in front of them the man feel happy and satisfaction of his mind .but if you do it very badly I mean in front of the world that would not be the good decision of your life. You may have face lots of problems and these hurdles not only you have to face but also your family and your future also affected. The negative impact of confession just like shown in those pictures are very bad. It actually described your nature of personality .the people who are very personality conscious do not like you either you are at high level of social life. But on the other hand who are the flirty people also find some sort of this things so that they can approach you through your confession. And some of us make confession for attracting people toward himself .they use such type of cheap ways for gaining the attention of the halfwit people.these cheap modes of revealing his secret are very poor minded people methods, in some cases, they have to bear very bad circumstances in the case of blackmailing, flirt, and somehow cracking jokes. The halfwit person also enjoys by throwing some jokes and flirty line on that specific person. Actually, in this way anyone can contact you and take a chance to talk to you at the meanwhile he can also take any advantage from you in any shape of commodities .so you should be very precautionary while doing any confession especially when you are doing personal confession related to the family.


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